59th Street Corporation Yard Demolition and Remediation Project

The 59th Street Corporation Yard Demolition and Remediation Project includes:

  • Demolishing the site’s buildings
  • Excavating and disposing contaminated soil
  • Potentially installing a full-scale soil vapor extraction (SVE) system to remediate volatile organic compound (VOC)-impacted soil gas 

During this work, you'll notice more truck activity along 59th Street and S Street in front of SMUD Headquarters.

  • Trucks will not enter residential neighborhoods.
  • Although we'll be doing everything possible to keep disruptions to a minimum, there will be a temporary, but significant, increase in truck traffic entering and exiting SMUD’s 59th Street Corporation Yard.
  • The increased traffic will impact 59th Street, north of Highway 50, and will result in additional noise, dust and emissions during the project.

SMUD is continually monitoring the dust levels throughout the demolition and remediation phases. We have water trucks onsite to ensure the dust doesn't exceed the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District thresholds. We're also performing seismic monitoring to ensure vibration levels stay below the recommended action levels for historical structures. 

If you have questions relating to the demolition, please contact Bob Hart at either 916-732-6479 or Bob.Hart@smud.org.

For soil remediation questions, please contact Keegan George at either 916-732-5548 or Keegan.George@smud.org.

Project benefits

Remediating the site and disposing of contaminated soil helps ensure human health and the environment are protected. All remediation activities would require approval from the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) prior to implementation and adhere to acceptable risk and exposure levels as determined by DTSC.

Environmental impacts

The draft Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (Draft IS/MND) analyzes the potential environmental effects associated with the proposed project in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). In compliance with the CEQA Guidelines, we’ve prepared this Notice of Intent (NOI) to provide responsible agencies and other interested parties with written notice of the availability of the Draft IS/MND, and to invite comments and concerns regarding environmental issues associated with the proposed project.

Timing and location

Work began in 2022 and will continue for about three to four years. However, long-term monitoring and testing may be required after the demolition and soil removal effort, which could extend to 2030.

We're working with the Department of Toxic Substances Control to perform environmental cleanup of our former 59th Street Corporation Yard. In doing so, some of the buildings must be demolished.

  • Phase I of building demolition began in mid-July 2022 and continued through the end of October 2022.
  • Phase I of the environmental cleanup work began after the phase I demolition, but has encountered more contamination than originally expected, causing the work to extend through August of 2023.
  • Phase II of demolition and remediation is expected to start in the September-October 2023 timeframe and continue into late 2024.

The 59th Street Corporation Yard Demolition and Remediation Project is in East Sacramento, at 1708 59th Street. It’s bordered by residential development to the west, commercial development to the north, a California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) laboratory to the east across 59th Street and U.S. Highway 50 (US 50) to the south. The site is bisected by a Sacramento Regional Transit District light rail line.

59th street demo project map

Information repository

The Information Repository includes copies for draft Interim Removal Action Workplan and related key technical and public outreach documents.

Frequently asked questions

What’s involved in the 59th Street Corporation Yard Demolition and Remediation Project?

SMUD is proposing the installation of a full-scale soil vapor extraction (SVE) system to remediate volatile organic compound (VOC)-impacted soil gas. Excavation and disposal of contaminated soil will also occur. To access the contaminated soil, multiple buildings would require demolition. 

Why are some residents receiving a Notice of Intent for the 59th Street Corporation Yard Demolition and Remediation Project?

Customers who live within 500 feet of the 59th Street Corporation Yard Demolition and Remediation Project will receive a letter from SMUD explaining the environmental process and where to find more information.

There is a 30-day public comment period that begins on January 18, 2022 and extends through February 16, 2022.

What construction impacts can you anticipate?

We anticipate traffic, noise and other impacts while the work is underway. If activities might significantly impact an area, we will communicate special updates to affected residents.

If you have a critical need for electricity for medical or other reasons, we recommend you have a back-up plan for an outage in your neighborhood.

How will we keep you updated?

We’re committed to keeping the community informed while this work is being performed. We’re happy to meet with any person or group to discuss the project. In addition, we will update our website regularly with schedule information, construction impacts and progress updates. 

If you have questions, please email Rob Ferrera or call him at 916-732-6676.

Was there a public meeting for the 59th Street Corporation Yard Demolition and Remediation Project?

Information on the IS/MND was presented to the SMUD ERCS Committee on April 20, and the Board adopted the IS/MND for the project on April 21. A copy of the Final Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration can be viewed under the “Environmental Impacts”.