Go green

Discover ways to reduce your carbon footprint and improve the environment.

Reduce carbon emissions and help clean the air we breathe.



Get power from renewable resources like wind and sun.
Power your home with a clean, renewable emissions-free energy source.

Shade trees

Get up to 10 free shade trees to help shade and beautify your home. Trees reduce the need for heating and cooling, lowering your bill and reducing the need for more power plants.

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  • 5,478

    TREES IN 2014

  • 9,838

    TREES IN 2015

  • 9,346

    TREES IN 2016

  • 9,195

    TREES IN 2017

  • 9,147

    TREES IN 2018

  • 10,697

    TREES IN 2019

  • 9,831

    TREES in 2020

  • 11,628

    TREES in 2021

  • 9,525

    TREES in 2022

  • 9,808

    TREES in 2023

We have an ambitious goal to eliminate 100% of the greenhouse gas emissions from our power supply by 2030.

Homes that take you one step closer to a renewable energy future.

Look at our sustainability efforts and why we invest in clean power.