​Selling to SMUD

We make doing business with us as easy and fair as possible.

Our Contractor Code of Conduct outlines the principles and practices that our contractors, as well as their employees and subcontractors, are expected to follow when doing business with SMUD.

Contracting opportunities

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How we award contracts

A contract or order is awarded by direct call, informal bid or formal bid (proposal) based on the estimated price.

  • Direct call: Purchases of less than $20,500 are usually placed without competition with vendors that we determine can supply goods or services that meet our price, quality and deadline requirements.

  • Informal bid: For purchases between $20,500 and $82,000, we seek at least three supplier price quotes whenever possible.

  • Formal bid (proposal): For purchases of materials or services exceeding $82,000, and for construction contracts more than $8,200, SMUD advertises in local newspapers. Sealed bids are opened and read at a public bid opening. Public openings are not scheduled for proposals.

Environmental protection

We strive to buy the best and most cost-effective goods and services with a preference toward those that are environmentally friendly.

Environmental stewardship is very important to us. We strive to ensure that whatever we do has minimal impacts upon our environment. In support of this core value, we buy products and services that are environmentally favorable to those that are not, taking price, quality and availability into consideration.

To offer an environmentally friendly product or service, please email Robert Adams, SMUD Procurement Manager.

Site security requirements for contractors