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Discounts and surcharges

To better serve our residential customers, meet state requirements and keep our rates stable, we've adopted several surcharges and discounts.

SMUD offers discounts to eligible residential customers and nonprofit agencies.

Energy Assistance Program Rate (EAPR)

Eligible low-income customers and nonprofit agencies can receive an EAPR discount on their monthly bills. You can find more EAPR information and an application form on the low-income and nonprofit page.

Medical Equipment Discount (MED)

We offer eligible residential customers a discount to assist them with the increased energy cost for running certain electric medical equipment. MED program information and an application are available on our MED Rate page.

For more information about SMUD's rates, rules and regulations, contact SMUD Customer Services at 1-888-742-7683 or email us.

EV charging discount

For plug-in electric vehicle (EV) owners, there's an additional 1.5¢ per kWh credit for charging your EV between midnight and 6 AM every day, all year long. For a SMUD account to receive the EV rate credit, a plug-in electric vehicle must be registered with the DMV using the same service address as the SMUD account.

For more information or to enroll in a rate, please email us

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Solar surcharge

Customers are no longer billed a solar surcharge. Learn more about solar rates.

State surcharge

California law requires all electric utilities to collect an Energy Resources Surcharge (State surcharge) from its customers on electricity consumed. The money is used to fund California Energy Commission (CEC) programs. The current surcharge is $0.0003 per kWh.

The CEC determines the rate every November, not exceeding $0.0003 per kWh.


The Hydro Generation Adjustment (HGA) is applied to all energy usage to fund the SMUD Hydro Rate Stabilization Fund and the WAPA Rate Stabilization Fund. That fund helps offset higher energy costs during dry hydro years. The HGA is recalculated every year in April.

The current HGA is $0.00/kWh.

How much energy do I use?

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