Business solutions

Our programs and services are designed with you in mind.

Your personal account advisor helps you find efficient and reliable energy solutions.
Our tools help you make smart business decisions.
Explore our rebates and incentives to save your business money.
We offer convenient, affordable ways to support clean energy.

Business education

SMUD offers free workshops and energy experts to educate you on current and new energy topics.

Ask an energy expert

Speak one-on-one with an energy expert about green energy building, emerging energy or solar technologies, HVAC and lighting for your business. Contact us at 1-916-732-6738 or email us.

Custom business presentations

A representative from our Community Education & Technology Center can speak to your employees about new technologies, connected devices and how to save energy at work and at home. To schedule a custom business presentation or to speak to an energy expert, call 1-916-732-6738 or email us.   

Business Energy Advisor

Our Business Energy Advisor website is a library of up-to-date energy advice, best practices, short and long-term solutions, case studies and more. Find information specific to your industry or technology.

Green business

SMUD offers a variety of clean energy options for your business 

Make your business energy efficient with solar power. 

SMUD offers special rates for businesses that install EV chargers.
Choose more renewable sources for your power.
Builders and contractors offer incentives for building energy-efficient homes.
SMUD offers a cost-effective solar solution to meet your business and sustainability goals.

Success stories

We're celebrating the power of our local business community.

Since 2015, U.S. Cold Storage has been partnering with their Strategic Account Advisor to implement a variety of SMUD programs and services. By 2030, U.S. Cold Storage will save over 8,000 metric tons of carbon.  

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More resources

We can help you connect to SMUD's electric system for projects like adding an electric vehicle charger, creating your dream home or building a sports arena.
Get details for interconnecting with SMUD's electric system if you want to generate some or all of your own power.
PowerDirect can help you run your business more efficiently by integrating automated response capabilities into your energy management, lighting and HVAC systems.
Our experts can walk through your facility to identify potential energy issues.