Smart homes

What makes a house a Smart Home?

SMUD Smart Homes deliver the right combination of advanced energy efficiency measures and other technologies to help lower electricity bills. These homes not only save you money each month but are also more efficient, more comfortable and can have higher resale values than comparable new homes without these features.

Typical features of SMUD Smart Homes

● Superior installation of insulation in walls, floors and attics that keeps cool air inside in summer and warm air in winter.

● A high-efficiency air conditioning system that remains efficient even in extreme conditions. You save even on the hottest days.

● Energy-efficient LED and CFL lighting, providing durable, high-quality lighting in multiple spaces in your home.

ENERGY STAR® appliances.

Third-party certification and SMUD quality assurance inspections to ensure quality-built homes. You can be confident that the energy efficiency features are properly installed and operating as designed.

Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostats that allow you to control the temperature of your home remotely while you are away.

Electric vehicle readiness, so that when you're ready to purchase an electric vehicle, your home will be ready, too.


Find a Smart Home community

SMUD works with innovative local builders to make these homes available in many areas and price ranges. Visit one of these Smart Home communities near you.

Bardis Homes

oThe Mill at Broadway

Beazer Homes

o Brownstones at Natomas Field

o Cottages at Natomas Field

o Cottages at Capital Village

o Reflections at Capital Village

Elliott Homes

o Veranda at Empire Ranch

Pacific Housing

o Heritage at Del Paso Nuevo

Watt Communities

o AutumnWood in Citrus Heights

Homebuilders who participate in our Smart Homes program receive financial incentives and technical assistance to exceed minimum energy code requirements.

SMUD’s Smart Homes program provides financial incentives and technical assistance to encourage builders and homebuyers to surpass standard practices and exceed minimal energy code requirements. Program incentives help offset the cost of investing in energy-efficient equipment and materials. Incentives start at $400 per home and increase to $2,500, depending upon the energy features of the home. All Smart Homes are field-inspected by a third-party quality control inspector.

The program uses an energy-efficiency score to measure each home’s level of energy efficiency. This score, developed by the program and based on the California Energy Rating System (HERS) Score, assesses the efficiency of the building shell, heating, cooling and water heating systems, appliances, lighting, and other home energy uses by comparing them to a minimally code-compliant home in California. 

Optimize a home’s energy efficiency with built-in savings and quality. Program benefits include:

Higher savings. SMUD Smart Homes yield greater energy savings than homes built to normal standards. Homeowners enjoy lower energy bills every month.

Increased durability. SMUD Smart Homes are built to higher standards, resulting in a better quality home that is built to last.

Enhanced comfort. Participating homes feature tighter construction, increased insulation, high-performance heating and cooling systems, and high-efficiency lighting. All work together to provide homeowners with a consistently comfortable indoor environment.

Desired options. Participating homes may feature Wi-Fi enabled thermostats for remote controlling, along with advanced LED lighting and electric-vehicle readiness. 

Apply for SMUD’s Smart Home Program

While you are still in the planning stage, contact SMUD’s Smart Homes Program Manager, Gary Becker, at 1-916-732-6427 or email to request support in the application process.

An application may be completed electronically, or printed out and completed by hand. In either case, it requires a signature. Complete your application prior to installing drywall or beginning code compliance (HERS) testing.

Steps to apply and receive incentives:

1. Call 1-916-732-6427 or email to discuss your project.

2. Builder completes and submits the program application.

3. SMUD program team reviews and approves submittals.

4. Once approved, construction may start on the home.

5. Third-party inspector verifies home compliance.

6. SMUD issues incentive check.

*(Consult the terms and conditions outlined in the program application to avoid processing delays.)