Procurement contacts

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East Campus Operations Center
4401 Bradshaw Road
Sacramento, CA 95826

Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM 

Procurement leadership

The Materials Procurement Center is responsible for all inventory and non-inventory material procurements, including but not limited to:

  • Cable
  • Connectors 
  • Cross arms
  • Cutouts
  • Distribution and power transformers 
  • Power transformers
  • Pad mount switchgear
  • Pole line hardware
  • PVC conduit
  • Wood poles 
  • General electric supplies
  • Communications supplies 
  • Industrial supplies 
  • Power generation equipment and spare parts
  • Fleet vehicles
  • Fuels and lubricants
  • Fleet spare parts
  • Tires
  • Batteries
  • Office supplies 


The Construction Procurement Center is responsible for all SMUD owned or partnered construction procurement including Engineer, Procure and Construct (EPC) procurements and some maintenance agreements. These procurements will support:

  • Energy supply
  • Distribution service construction 
  • Hydro generation assets
  • Renewable generation
  • General facilities construction


The Information Technology Procurement Center is responsible for all:

  • Cloud solutions
  • Software (SW)
  • SW implementation services
  • IT professional services
  • SW maintenance and subscriptions
  • Computer hardware
  • IT staff augmentation


The Professional Services Procurement Center is responsible for the procurement of all professional services, non-construction maintenance services and staff augmentation. This procurement center will support all SMUD departments, including:

  • Accounting
  • Information technology
  • Billing
  • Credit and collections
  • Facilities management
  • General services
  • Security, safety
  • Environmental
  • Human resources
  • Diversity & inclusion
  • Customer services
  • Transportation
  • Image and postal production services







Ariba and supplier enablement

Procurement Compliance

Grant administration

SEED verification

Accounting contact

Kristine Reed – Senior Accountant, 1-916-732-5604