Our Board of Directors

SMUD is owned by its customers, who elect a seven-member Board of Directors.

Image of all 7 Board of Directors.

Each director represents a different geographic area or "ward." During their four-year terms, their job is to establish policies and values about how we serve you and to set the long-term direction SMUD will take as we move forward. We invite you to read our Strategic Direction, which spells out our vision for the future, our role in the community and how we're managed.

The Board of Directors

You can access Board meeting agendas, presentations and live and archived video.

This color map shows our service area, ward boundaries and email addresses for directors.

Contact the Board

You can select the territory map to find your Board member's email address, or call the Board Office at 1-916-732-6155.

Attend a meeting

Board and Committee meetings are held in the Auditorium on the first floor of SMUD's Headquarters building at 6201 S Street, Sacramento, CA.

If you want to address the Board, just complete a sign-up slip at the lobby information center. You should limit your statements to three minutes unless the Board President grants special permission.

Accommodations are available for the individuals with disabilities. If you need a hearing assistance device or other aid, call 1-916-732-7143 in advance of the Board meeting you plan to attend.

Watch meetings online

All meetings will be streamed online. Past meetings can also be watched online. Agendas and other meetings materials are available ahead of time.

Watch meetings        View meeting materials

Making public comments

We provide several options for the public to make comments before and during  meetings. Learn about making public comments

Watch on TV

Board meetings are televised on Metro Cable Channel 14 most Saturdays at noon and most Sundays at 8 p.m. View the Metro Cable broadcast schedule for the latest programming information. 

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Board Committee members