​Strategic direction

Our Strategic Direction guides us in the decisions we make about SMUD’s policies and operations. Our Board continually reviews and refines these guidelines to make sure we’ll meet your energy needs, both now and in the future. 

Purpose statement (policy number: SD-1A)

SMUD’s purpose is to enhance the quality of life for our customers and community by providing reliable and affordable electricity, and leading the transition to a clean energy future. (Policy Number: SD-1A)

Vision statement (policy number: SD-1B)

SMUD’s vision is to be a trusted and powerful partner in achieving an inclusive, zero carbon economy.  SMUD will leverage its relationships to accelerate innovation, ensure energy affordability and reliability, protect the environment, eliminate greenhouse gas emissions, catalyze economic and workforce development, promote environmental justice, and enhance community vitality for all. (Policy Number: SD-1B)

Core values

Key values

  • Board-CEO Relationship (Policy Number: BL-1)
  • Board-Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel Relationship (Policy Number: BL-2)
  • Board-Internal Auditor Relationship (Policy Number: BL-3)
  • Board-Special Assistant Relationship (Policy Number: BL-4)
  • Unity of Control (Policy Number: BL-5)
  • Evaluating the CEO’s Performance (Policy Number: BL-6)
  • Delegation to the CEO (Policy Number: BL-7)
  • Delegation to the CEO with Respect to Procurement (Policy Number: BL-8)
  • Delegation to the CEO with Respect to Local, State and Federal Legislation and Regulation (Policy Number: BL-9)
  • Delegation to the CEO with Respect to Real and Personal Property Policy (Policy Number: BL-10)
  • Delegation to the CEO with Respect to The Settlement of Claims and Litigation (Policy Number: BL-11)
  • Delegation to the CEO with Respect to Transactions Involving Transmission and Wholesale Energy, Fuel, and Environmental Attributes (Policy Number: BL-12)
  • Delegation to the CEO with Respect to Grants (Policy Number: BL-13)
  • Delegation to the CEO with Respect to Customer Products, Services and Programs (Policy Number: BL-14)
  • Purpose of Board (Policy Number: GP-1)
  • Governance Focus (Policy Number: GP-2)
  • Board Job Description (Policy Number: GP-3)
  • Board/Committee Work Plan and Agenda Planning (Policy Number: GP-4)
  • Election of Board President and Vice President (Policy Number: GP-5)
  • Role of the Board President (Policy Number: GP-6)
  • Guidelines for Board Member Behavior (Policy Number: GP-7)
  • Board Committee Principles (Policy Number: GP-8)
  • Board Committee Chairs (Policy Number: GP-9)
  • Board Training, Orientation (Policy Number: GP-10)
  • Board Review of Internal Records (Policy Number: GP-11)
  • Board Compensation and Benefits (Policy Number: GP-12)
  • Core and Key Values (Policy Number: GP-13)
  • External Auditor Relationship (Policy Number: GP-14)
  • Board Travel and Training Reimbursement (Policy Number GP-15)