Current and expected energy use

Have you ever wondered how much electricity our customers are using, and where that electricity comes from?

The charts and data below show SMUD's total energy demand, how much we expect to use today and tomorrow, along with where our power is currently coming from. Data is refreshed every 15 minutes. Due to rounding, values may not add up to 100%.

Want to know more about what some of the categories are? Be sure to read the power source definitions at the bottom of the page.

Please note: The total energy generation chart (MW) below does not include certain power purchase agreements. We are currently working to add this information.

Key terms

Wind: Energy generated from wind turbines.
Utility-scale solar: Solar energy from solar arrays greater than 1 MW in size.
net solar
Customer solar: Excess solar energy sent to the grid from customer solar systems.
Small hydro: Hydroelectric power from sources generating less than 30 MW.
hydro Large hydro: Hydroelectric power from sources generating more than 30 MW.
Methane: Renewable natural gas energy from biogas and biomass.
Battery/Storage: Energy discharged from batteries.
natural gas
Natural Gas: Energy generated from natural gas power plants.

Learn more about our power sources.

These charts are designed to summarize SMUD’s energy loads, forecasts and generation sources. This data is for informational purposes only, and should not be used for planning purposes.

Data is subject to change without notice.

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