We've improved your My Account experience 

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We updated My Account to make doing business with us even easier.

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Features you need


Our updated My Account offers enhanced tools and features with the same look and feel.

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Secure messaging

Now you can send a secure message to our customer support team and keep all of your messages in one spot. We'll quickly address any of your billing, payment or general account inquiries.



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Dedicated advisor

Easily view the contact details for your Strategic Account Advisor. They're your personal energy expert available to help you save time, energy and money with specialized business programs and incentives.


electric energy usage charts

Energy usage charts

 Your energy usage is displayed in an easy-to-view chart. You'll also be able to compare cost and usage to prior billing periods.



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Faster payments

Fewer steps help you make payments faster for one or more accounts. You can still easily access your current and past bills.



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Group your accounts

Combine multiple accounts into customized groups. Then give other users access to easily manage the accounts you choose.



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Account management

We've reduced the number of steps it takes to give other users the ability to view usage and pay bills.