Customer and Community Services

Customer Care

This group delivers first-class service to our customers and empowers them with solutions and options to increase energy efficiency, protect the environment, reduce global warming and lower the cost to serve our region.

Tracy Carlson, Director


Marketing and Corporate Communications

The Marketing department promotes SMUD programs and is responsible for developing and upholding the SMUD brand. Research develops information that helps SMUD decision-makers. Corporate Communications helps SMUD get its messages to employees and the world.

Farres Everly, Director


Retail Product Delivery and Sales

Retail product Delivery & Sales is responsible for designing, developing and offering personalized products and services to residential and commercial customers in alignment with SMUD’s Customer Experience and customer segment strategies. The RPD&S team offers products and services focused on improving our customers’ experiences and meeting their needs through innovative solutions such as SMUD Energy Store.

Erik Krause, Director


Advanced Energy Solutions

Advanced Energy Solutions is responsible for the delivery of energy efficiency, renewable energy/distributed generation, green pricing/carbon reduction, electric vehicle, demand response/energy storage products and services to our residential and commercial customers.

Ed Hamzawi, Director


Revenue Operations

Revenue Operations manages SMUD’s billing, payment, loan, credit and revenue collection activities. SMUD’s claims departments is also part of the Revenue Operations team.

Brandy Daniels-Bolden, Director


Community Relations

This group reaches out to our diverse customer base at the grassroots level and makes sure SMUD remains a part of the community. Community Relations includes sponsorships, events, employee giving, volunteerism, economic development, small business outreach and education.

Erica Manuel, Manager
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