Communications, Marketing & Community Relations

Marketing & Corporate Communications

Marketing & Corporate Communications oversees:

  • Marketing and market research
  • Corporate communications
  • Brand
  • Digital communications
  • Speech writing
  • Video production
  • Public relations functions

Marketing & Corporate Communications is critical to showcasing SMUD locally and on the state and national stages as an authority on how to decarbonize aggressively, safely, affordably, reliably and equitably. This includes multi-channel and multi-language campaigns as well as communications and marketing to SMUD's customers and employees. 

Cara Chatfield, Director
1-916-732-5145 |

Community Relations, Outreach & Support 

Community Relations, Outreach & Support is responsible for:

  • Corporate and community events selection, logistics and management
  • Sponsorships and outreach
  • Speakers bureau
  • International delegations
  • Graphic design
  • Print and postal services

Community Relations, Outreach & Support is responsible for ensuring we approach our Zero Carbon work through an equity lens and is sharply focused on reaching and engaging everyone in our community to help ensure all of SMUD’s customers and communities reap the benefits of a clean energy future.

Rhonda Staley-Brooks, Director
1-916-732-5415 |