Technology & Innovation


Cybersecurity protects both SMUD and the electric grid from possible cyberattacks and intrusions. 

Antiwon Jacobs, Director
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Customer & Grid Operations Technology Center

Customer and Grid Operations Technology Center is responsible for the development, oversight and implementation of Customer and Grid technology programs, projects, and solutions while ensuring the delivery of safe and reliable power. The team is focused on technology solutions to support the transformation of the distribution grid, which provide the building blocks necessary to accomplish SMUD’s 2030 Zero Carbon Plan.  

Amber Connors, Director
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Enterprise Systems, Strategy & Governance

Enterprise Systems, Strategy & Governance provides architecture, analysis, design, configuration, development, platform administration, application security, enterprise content management and ongoing support for SMUD’s core business platforms. In addition, the team provides oversight and governance for IT’s agile practice, project management office, strategic planning, and relationship building services. Together, these teams enable feature-rich, reliable technology solutions for SMUD employees and customers, in alignment with SMUD’s Enterprise Strategy and 2030 Zero Carbon Plan.

Steve Kustin, Interim Director
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Infrastructure & Platform Services

IT Infrastructure Platform Services provides reliable, highly available technology infrastructure, services, and solutions. This empowers our customers, employees, and vendors to effectively and securely work towards SMUD's enterprise 2030 Zero Carbon Plan.  

Steve Kustin, Director
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Additional teams 

  • Business Relationships team that supports SMUD departments in choosing the right technology solutions to achieve effective business results.
  • Innovation team that champions breakthrough innovations and balances diverse emerging technologies and ideas across SMUD. The Project Management Office that centralizes the management and coordination of all information technology-related projects across SMUD.
  • Enterprise Architecture team that analyzes and reviews solution architectures to meet business needs, develops target architectures and defines innovative standards across SMUD.