Customer & Community Services

Customer Success

Customer Success is comprised of multiple departments with the unified goal of exceeding customer expectations. This group delivers best-in-class service and customized solutions for SMUD’s residential and commercial segments. They empower SMUD customers with comprehensive resources and tools to increase energy efficiency, promote sustainability and lower the cost to serve our region. 

This team is also instrumental in driving the local business economy from business attraction to commercial development to account solutions and management. Once a business account is activated, SMUD’s Strategic Account Advisors serve as dedicated energy experts and a first point-of-contact to address questions and provide customized energy solutions to help our business community thrive.

Tracy Carlson, Director

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Community Energy Services

Community Energy Services (CES) extends our best-in-class service to Community Choice Energy providers in support of SMUD’s Diversified Business strategic direction. CES provides our award-winning call center operations, billing services and product design and delivery solutions to our clients. This helps our clients deliver cleaner power to their communities and continues our efforts to be a leader in clean power efforts across California. 

Customer Operations & Assistance

Customer Operations & Assistance provides support for customer billing and payments, collections and claims activities. This group also provides customers and the community with essential support services and resources designed to ease financial challenges and connect to community care programs. We also design and offer personalized products and services aligned with SMUD’s 2030 Clean Energy Vision

Kim Rikalo, Interim Director
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Customer Experience Planning & Integration

Customer Experience Planning & Integration is responsible for identifying, developing and deploying strategic customer experience enhancements across a variety of channels and digital assets. We bring together our best customer experience strategy, planning and deployment systems for complete implementation in residential and business applications. 

Business Intelligence & Operations Support

Business Intelligence & Operations Support integrates operational excellence efforts, data analytics and reporting. It uses operational and customer insights to improve program and service delivery. 

Ivan Rostami, Manager
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