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What we do

We provide best-in-class operational and consulting services to our client-partners, including Community Choice Aggregators, utilities, municipalities, agencies and energy companies.

  • We have strong, established industry relationships and decades of experience in all facets of utility operations. 
  • We bring our award-winning customer service to client management. 
  • We’re community-owned and not-for-profit, so any revenues we generate go toward reducing carbon emissions and serving our community. We're in business for all the right reasons.

What we offer

Data management

SMUD can optimally manage your data with accuracy and transparency.

  • Easy migration of historical data from your current provider
  • Data warehouse development, maintenance and optimization
  • Security throughout the entire data lifecycle 

Market research

SMUD offers best-in-class market research services.

  • Research professionals singularly focused on electricity
  • State-of-the-art research tools and techniques
  • Usability, customer opinion and industry studies 

Data analytics

SMUD has decades of experience using AMI, building stock and other data to develop business strategies.

  • Program segmentation and targeting
  • Energy, financial, demographic, interaction and geographic analyses
  • Support for data informed decision making


We create actionable insights through exceptional presentation of your data.

  • Custom metrics, reports, dashboards and data feeds
  • Automated delivery, self-service and integrations
  • 24-7 access to real time data and information


Contact center

SMUD’s full-service contact center can provide professional enrollment, billing and program customer care.

  • Staffed by specialized Energy Advisors
  • Techniques to significantly increase retention
  • Less than 60-second speed of answer and 3% abandon rate


Our experienced billing experts can improve the accuracy of your bills.

  • 1-day average bill processing window
  • Comprehensive exception management and quality assurance
  • Experience with complex rate and bill designs 

Debt collection

SMUD can maximize revenue recovery while providing customer care.

  • Communications, dispute management and credit bureau referrals
  • Payment arrangements and payment processing
  • Dashboards and reports for active debt, write off debt and aging 

CRM systems

We create custom, optimized customer relationship management solutions.

  • Utility-optimized data presentment
  • Design, development and administration
  • Certified architects, developers, builders, administrators and scrum masters

Customer programs

SMUD offers program design, development and administration that delivers on great customer experiences.

  • Journey mapping for customer-centric approaches 
  • IDEO Design Thinking Certified program designers
  • Rebate, incentive and education program management

Electrification concierge

SMUD’s dedication to decarbonization enables us to uniquely provide superior electrification advice.

  • Three-tiered support for quality electrification conversations
  • Electrification plans that work for customers and contractors
  • Less than 60-second speed of answer and 3% abandon rate


Our award-winning marketing team can beautifully support all your outreach and marketing efforts.

  • Comprehensive traditional and digital campaigns
  • Award-winning designs
  • Concept and message testing

Why choose SMUD?

We're a nationally recognized leader in customer care, program design, customer satisfaction, innovation, brand trust and environmental stewardship.

6 th

largest community-owned, not-for-profit in the nation

75 +

years of reliable service

2,300 +


“SMUD has a fabulous team of people who care about their customers.”
Valley Clean Energy

“I consider them an important part of our team.”
Ava Community Energy

“The range of their expertise is expansive and extremely helpful to CCAs.”
Justin Z. / Silicon Valley Clean Energy

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Call us at 1-888-749-5949 or email CES@smud.org