Energy Delivery & Operations

Substation, Telecommunications & Metering Assets

Substation, Telecommunications & Metering Assets manages substation, network, telecommunication, metering and transmission assets.

Eric Poff, Director
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Environmental, Safety & Real Estate

Environmental, Safety & Real Estate Services ensures that SMUD conducts business in a way that's safe and responsible to the public and the environment. The department also provides customers and employees with responsible health and safety guidance and service and promotes strategic directives and initiatives.

Ellias van Ekelenburg, Director
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Energy Delivery Strategic Services and Project Management (non-IT)

Energy Delivery Strategic Services (EDSS) is responsible for the design and implementation of business process improvement strategies and solutions to increase operational efficiency throughout Energy Delivery & Operations. This group is also responsible for the Sacramento Power Academy, which trains SMUD’s Energy Delivery employees and offers external training to other utilities and our community. EDSS is also responsible for the SMUD-wide Project Management Office for almost all non-IT projects.

Jason McAlister, Director
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Line Assets

Line Assets is responsible for delivering energy to SMUD customers, operating the distribution system, emergency response (e.g., storm-caused outages), designing and constructing new services and designing, constructing, modifying and maintaining SMUD's transmission and distribution systems.

Lucas Raley, Interim Director
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Distribution Planning & Operations

Distribution Planning & Operations develops short-term and long-term plans for SMUD's distribution system to meet capacity, reliability and regulatory compliance requirements. The department is also responsible for the safe and reliable operation of SMUD’s distribution system to deliver energy to our customers.

Katarina Miletijev, Interim Director
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Transmission Planning & Operations

Transmission Planning & Operations (TP&O) develops short-term and long-term system plans for SMUD's transmission grid to meet energy serving capability, reliability and regulatory compliance requirements. TP&O manages and operates the assets that remotely control and monitor fuel to power generation sources and SMUD's Extra High Voltage Transmission, Generation, and Gas Pipeline System to deliver electrical energy to our distribution system. This department also operates the Balancing Authority of Northern California.

Chris Hofmann, Director
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Operational Excellence

The Operational Excellence team is responsible for developing and managing a consistent and excellent operational framework. It includes a portfolio of initiatives across SMUD to drive cost savings, increase operational efficiency and productivity and build organizational competencies for continuous improvement. 

Jon Murray, Manager