Del Paso Heights Mobility Hub

Two initiatives that are essential to helping us create a carbon-free Clean PowerCity® by 2030 – electric transportation and environmental equity – are meeting at the corner of May Street and Grand Avenue.

SMUD board members Rob Kerth and Heidi Sanborn breaking ground at the construction site.

SMUD board members Rob Kerth and Heidi Sanborn breaking ground at the construction site.

SMUD is partnering with local nonprofit, Green Tech, and the Sacramento Metro Air District to bring a new clean energy ride sharing “mobility hub” to Del Paso Heights.

The pilot project will bring together various transportation modes – such as shared zero emissions vehicles (ZEV), an electric shuttle and e-bikes – in one facility, making them accessible for the everyday mobility needs of the local community. This will include running errands, shopping, driving friends and relatives to appointments, taking students to school and providing transportation for the elderly who aren’t capable of driving anymore.

“The Green Tech Mobility Hub is creating this opportunity for a community of color that would traditionally be the last in line to get this type of innovative technology”, said Green Tech Founder Simeon Gant. “This time we’re first.”

SMUD’s involvement will allow our Energy Strategy, Research & Development (ESR&D) team access to data on EV usage, community impact, viability of ZEV ride sharing and other information.

“It may tell us whether mobility hubs such as this could benefit more SMUD customers, especially low-income customers who may not be able to afford an EV or any personal transportation,” noted ESR&D project manager Marco Lemes.

“It’s a really important project for SMUD,” said SMUD Board Member Rob Kerth at the groundbreaking ceremony last February. “It furthers our commitment to our 2030 Zero Carbon goal and lines up with our Sustainable Communities Program, which brings environmental equity and economic vitality to historically under-resourced communities such as Del Paso Heights, so they can benefit from a clean energy future.”

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