This is Sacramento

As a majority-minority city, diversity is one of Sacramento’s biggest assets; it’s woven into our identity and the fabric of our daily lives.

This is Sacramento

Celebrating the grand opening of This is Sacramento art installation. Photo courtesy of Tia Gemmell.

Through our Sustainable Communities program, SMUD has partnered with Sacramento’s Asian Pacific, Black, Hispanic and Rainbow Chambers of Commerce, Wells Fargo and Visit Sacramento to create a unique venture that celebrates our city’s diversity: “This is Sacramento”.

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Meet Sacramento  
Many cultures, one community 
Diversity is our strength
Sacramento is my home

This partnership was formed to help share and promote Sacramento’s story as a city that brings together people from different cultures to collaborate on projects and initiatives that give everyone in our community a chance at a better quality of life.

Located inside Terminal B of Sacramento International Airport, “This is Sacramento” is an art and audio-video installation piece that reflects and celebrates the multi-cultural makeup of our city, featuring work created by local artists who themselves hail from underserved communities. The installation also includes videos featuring fifteen community leaders who represent a variety of ethnic backgrounds and neighborhoods including iconic restauranteurs, trailblazing political figures, influential community activists, inspired artists and rising entrepreneurs.

“This is Sacramento” embodies the goals of our Sustainable Communities program as it aids in underserved community development and highlights the positive community impact from multi-collaborative partnerships.