Roberts Family Development Center

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The Roberts Family Development Center is a community-focused nonprofit that has been a beacon of light in North Sacramento since 2001. Each day more than 700 low-income families seek the Center’s services, which focus on early childhood care, student and parental education, economic empowerment and technology literacy.

In addition to the multitude of services offered at their main location, Roberts Family Development Center holds after school programs at seven Greater Sacramento Area schools, ranging from grades K-12th.

Tina and Derrell Roberts

In order to meet the growing demands of the community, co-founders Tina and Derrell Roberts have acquired an empty lot adjacent to their existing teen center building and plan a nearly $1 million remodel and expansion of the Center.

SMUD saw this as a great opportunity to leverage our programs to increase the impact of our community engagement support efforts. So, through our Sustainable Communities program, we granted the project $150,000 to kick off the fund-raising campaign.

Utilizing SMUD’s Integrated Design Solutions program, the plan includes a retrofit of the Center’s roof for the installation of brand-new solar panels, resulting in major energy cost savings and a reduction of their carbon footprint.

This partnership meets all the goals of our Sustainable Communities program offering community education, technology skills training, infrastructure improvements, workforce development, as well as increased access to social and community services.