Single Mom Strong

Single Mom Strong has one mission: to empower single mothers and their children through enrichment, encouragement and education.

Group shot of SMUD employees with Single Mom Strong employees

All smiles on opening day. From left to right: Sustainable Communities director Jose Bodipo-Memba, Single Mom Strong founder Tara Taylor, SMUD strategic account adviser Susan Statti and Single Mom Strong VP Michael Taylor.

Founded in Sacramento in 2016, this community-focused nonprofit is successfully addressing the needs of single mothers and their children through a variety of mother-and-child programs, empowerment workshops and monthly “Mom’s Night Out” events. As the need for their services in the greater Sacramento area keeps growing, they realized it would take a new, larger space to keep up with the demand.

SMUD saw this as a perfect opportunity to leverage our programs and community engagement support. Through our Sustainable Communities program, we partnered with Single Mom Strong to help them build their first Empowerment Center, which opened its doors in June 2019 in Citrus Heights.

In addition to housing their existing programs, the new Empowerment Center includes a tech lounge, library and outdoor play area, as well as a co-operative childcare center and preschool.

Identifying where additional SMUD programs could be implemented, an Express Energy Solutions assessment was conducted, resulting in rebate savings of nearly $1,000 on energy-efficient LED light fixtures for the new facility. Discount programs provided by SMUD’s Residential Assistance team were also offered to the mother’s themselves, with many of them qualifying as low-income customers within SMUD territory.

Woman behind a desk with a woman in front. "Be the change you want to see in the world" is written on a black board.

Arriving at opening day ceremonies.

Single Mom Strong meets all of the goals of Sustainable Communities, including job creation and training, a focus on the importance of community education, providing a healthy environment and offering increased access to social and community services.