Hacker Lab

 Hacker lab Gina and Erick inside factory

Hacker Lab CEO Gina Lujan shows Erik Krause, SMUD’s Director,
Retail Product Delivery & Sales, a new sign being produced in their

Hacker Lab is a co-working space, makerspace and hackerspace that aims to seed Sacramento startups with a locally trained workforce. Since opening their doors in 2012, they’ve provided more than 2,000 students with hands-on experience in technology and computing, with a focus on co-networking, skill development and experiential learning. Past students who’ve participated in the program have created over 400 local startups, providing millions in revenue for the Sacramento Region.

SMUD recognized that partnering with Hacker Lab through our Sustainable Communities program and our innovation programs was a great opportunity to increase our impact in the community by leveraging our local engagement network in collaboration with their curricula.

 Hacker lab team member with face shield

Hacker Lab used their makerspace to
produce face shields for local hospitals
to protect staff from COVID-19.

Through our partnership, scholarships will be awarded to low-income community members from our historically underserved communities, allowing them to enroll in project-based learning experiences and training at Hacker Lab. This program will help prepare enrollees to pursue a career in technology, start a business or use their new skills as a springboard to further their college education.

Hacker Lab continued their dedication to the Sacramento community during the COVID-19 pandemic by utilizing their makerspace to produce face shields for local hospitals to protect staff from the spread of the disease.

This partnership meets the goals of our Sustainable Communities program, offering entrepreneurial opportunities, educational access and workforce development as well as increased access to social and community services.