Zero Carbon Energy Solutions

Power Generation 

Power Generation provides a diverse supply of energy in a safe, reliable, efficient, environmentally, financially and legally responsible manner. This department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of SMUD's electricity generating assets including hydro, wind, thermal and solar as well as SMUD’s natural gas pipeline. 

Joel Ledesma, Director
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Distributed Energy Strategy Implementation

This team is responsible for customer program design and development to increase adoption of, and allow for, SMUD dispatching distributed energy resources such as solar, wind and other renewable resources. The Distributed Energy Strategy Implementation team also conducts research and development activities that support SMUD’s 2030 Zero Carbon Plan.

Ed Hamzawi, Director
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Energy Trading & Contracts

Energy Trading & Contracts is responsible for the development, procurement and administration of long, medium and short-term power, electric transmission and natural gas contracts. This department also manages the day-to-day dispatch of generation resources and market trading activities to maintain adequate, cost-effective supplies of natural gas to SMUD's thermal power plants.

Jon Olson, Director
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New Business Development

The mission of the New Business Development team is to provide strategy, business planning and commercialization services for substantial new net revenue generation and innovation opportunities across SMUD. They do this by developing business processes and competencies necessary to guide SMUD's optimal use of our assets and expertise in order to generate new net revenue.

Mike Rawson, Director
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