Communications, Marketing & Community Relations

Corporate Communications 

Corporate Communications manages internal and external messages and strategies. The team of writers, videographers, photographers and other communications specialists leverage their strategic communications planning and delivery expertise  to communicate business strategies, news and events in support of SMUD’s strategic priorities.

Cara Chatfield, Manager
1-916-732-5145 |

Digital User Experience 

Digital User Experience creates user experience design across digital channels, including the SMUD website and intranet. They also conduct user testing, create digital strategies, design ideal experiences and write content for SMUD’s external and internal digital channels. 

Tanya Andrews, Manager
1-916-732-5610 |

Marketing, Market Research & Analytics  

Marketing, Market Research & Analytics communicates with customers about relevant SMUD information. The Marketing team informs, educates, and motivates our customers to take action. They take complicated information, make it relevant to our customers and make sure they will see or hear messages promoting SMUD's programs, services and image in the communication channels they prefer. Market Research supports marketing and operations with empirical data, customer experience and customer satisfaction information to better align our programs and services with customer needs. The data Analytics team strives to understand SMUD customers from a 360-degree view by mining customer data using advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms. They use insights from data to support marketing, communications, strategic planning and operation functions in Communications, Marketing & Community Relations. 

Tom Jas, Manager
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Community Relations, Outreach & Engagement 

Community Relations, Outreach & Engagement oversees external outreach, engagement and sponsorship activities. The team leads SMUD’s extensive activities to give back to our community by supporting efforts that improve the quality of life in our region. Through financial support, employee volunteerism and partnerships with our customers, non-profit organizations and community groups, SMUD supports causes that make a difference and align with our key values: Leadership, Integrity, Ingenuity and Community. 

Rhonda Staley-Brooks, Manager
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The Graphics team provides graphic design services for all of SMUD. 

Robert Chin, Art Director
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