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All meetings will be streamed online. Past meetings can also be watched online. Agendas and other meetings materials are available below.

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Due to COVID-19, SMUD will conduct all Board and Committee meetings remotely until further notice.

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Want to be notified when a topic you're interested in will be discussed at an upcoming Board or Committee meeting? Sign up for Board notifications and receive an email when certain topics are on an upcoming agenda.

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Making public comments

We value your comments and have created several options to ensure your voice is heard.

  1. General public comments or comments on a specific agenda item may be emailed to PublicComment@smud.org. Your comments will be provided to the Board and placed into the record of the Board or Committee Meeting if it's received within 2 hours after the meeting ends.
  2. While a meeting is in progress you can make comments on specific agenda items by emailing PublicComment@smud.org. Please limit your comment to 250 words or less. Your comments may be read into the record based upon factors like the length of the agenda, the number of comments received and whether the Board is in danger of losing a quorum. Comments will be provided to the Board and placed into the record of the Board or Committee Meeting if it's received within 2 hours after the meeting ends.
  3. Members of the public may register to provide verbal comments at an upcoming Board or Committee meeting by emailing a request to speak to PublicComment@smud.org. Please include the date of the meeting, name, and topic or agenda item the requestor wishes to speak on. The request may also be submitted while the meeting is in progress during the standard time for the agenda item or topic. Pre-registration is strongly encouraged by no later than 3:00 p.m. on the day of the meeting.
  4. Board and Committee meetings are currently conducted virtually via Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the link to the meeting will be included on the agenda for the associated meeting. Members of the public may log into the Zoom; however, functionality will be limited to listen- or view-only unless a request to speak has been submitted.

Board member attendance

Board members may choose to participate via teleconference.


Streaming video of Board meetings will be available the next day following the meeting.

Additional resources

Watch live and archived video of meetings
Download the 2023 meeting calendar (pdf)
View a 12-month archive of Board meetings

Board Committee assignments

Committee Chair Vice Chair Committee Member
Policy Dave Tamayo Rob Kerth Gregg Fishman
Strategic Development Nancy Bui-Thompson Gregg Fishman Rosanna Herber
Finance and Audit Rob Kerth Brandon Rose
Nancy Bui-Thompson
ERCS Brandon Rose Dave Tamayo
Rosanna Herber

If you have any questions, please call Donna Lofton at 916-732-5079.  

Heidi Sanborn
Heidi Sanborn