Small business opportunities

The Partnerships team oversees SMUD’s Supplier Education and Economic Development (SEED) Program and Business Advisory Council (BAC).

The SEED (Supplier Education and Economic Development) program offers incentives to local small businesses that participate in SMUD's competitive bid process. It also helps prime contractors find local sub-contractors, which helps them gain a competitive edge when developing their bids or proposals.

SMUD awards $200 to $300 million in contracts every year, $40 to $60 million of which goes to SEED vendors and suppliers.

Our goal is to award 20% of all eligible contracts to SEED vendors.

Bidding opportunities

Find a SEED vendor

If you are interested in working with SEED vendors, you can find them in the following way:

  • Step 1: See the Category List to determine the category for which you are seeking a SEED vendor.
  • Step 2: Email a request for SEED vendors in your specified categories to

How to reach us 1-916-732-5600

Suzanne Dizon – Manager, Economic Development and Partnerships (SEED)

Jeannie Robinson – Coordinator
Procurement category:  Materials

Leroy Tripette – Coordinator
Procurement category:  Information Technology 

Arlene Chacon – Coordinator
Procurement category:  Professional Services 

Heidi Pyle – Coordinator
Procurement category:  Construction 


Large SEED projects