Business rates

We offer many different rates to fit the needs of business in the Sacramento region. 

To learn more, read a general guide to our commercial rates and other programs.

2022-2023 rate changes

SMUD's Board approved rate increases for 2022-2023 along with a new Solar and Storage Rate for customers that add onsite generation, such as rooftop solar.

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How to read the rate codes.

Other rate-related information

If you would like more information or have questions or comments about rates, rules and regulations, email our Rates Team.

Business rates also include a System Infrastructure Fixed Charge. The amount varies by rate and service voltage . For more information, view details for your rate using the Rates listing above.

Rate comparison 

Our rates are some of the lowest in California. See a general guide to our commercial rates and other programs.

Class and System Average Rate Comparison

as of March 1, 2022

Customer groups Percentage lower than PG&E
Small Commercial (0-20 kW) 47.3%
Small Commercial (21-299 kW) 48.6%
Medium Commercial (300-499 kW) 50.9%
Medium Commercial (500-999 kW) 47.0%
Large Commercial (1000+ kW) 43.0%
Agricultural 48.3%
Lighting (Traffic Signals) 57.1%
 Lighting (Street Lighting) 57.3%
Average 45.0%