SMUD Solicitation Portal

This site provides information about current SMUD contracting opportunities. All Solicitations are available and managed via SAP Ariba. 

Instructions for participating in SMUD Solicitation events: 

Select "Respond to Posting"  

Follow instructions to login or register on Ariba. 

  1. Once logged into Ariba select "Respond to posting" again. 
  2. This will take you to the SMUD event in Ariba Discovery where you can download the solicitation documents and upload your response.   
  3. If you intend to participate, please review and accept the prerequisites of the event.  

Note: Prerequisite questions must be answered before you can view event content or participate in the event. Some prerequisites may require the owner of the event to review and accept your responses before you can continue with the event. If you decline the terms of the prerequisites, you cannot view the event content or participate in this event.