Business rates

We offer many different rates to fit the needs of business in the Sacramento region. 

To learn more, read a general guide to our commercial rates and other programs.

2022-2023 rate changes

SMUD's Board approved rate increases for 2022-2023 along with a new Solar and Storage Rate for customers that add onsite generation, such as rooftop solar.

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How to read the rate codes.

Other rate-related information

If you would like more information or have questions or comments about rates, rules and regulations, email our Rates Team.

Business rates also include a System Infrastructure Fixed Charge. The amount varies by rate and service voltage. For more information, view details for your rate using the Rates listing above.

Rate comparison 

Our rates are some of the lowest in California. See a general guide to our commercial rates and other programs.

Class and system average rate comparison

as of March 1, 2022

Customer groups Percentage lower than PG&E
Small Commercial (0-20 kW) 47.3%
Small Commercial (21-299 kW) 48.6%
Medium Commercial (300-499 kW) 50.9%
Medium Commercial (500-999 kW) 47.0%
Large Commercial (1000+ kW) 43.0%
Agricultural 48.3%
Lighting (Traffic Signals) 57.1%
 Lighting (Street Lighting) 57.3%
Average 45.0%