Understanding your bill

Your bill has a new look. We redesigned the bill to help you manage your energy usage on our new Time-of-Day Rates. To make it easy for you to read and understand your bill, we've added numbered descriptions and icons to better explain your energy usage and charges.

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2019 meter-reading schedule
View the back of the bill

Bill sample for Time-of-Day bill during seasonal crossover

1 Shows customer name, account number and bill issue date.

2 Your location, billing period, billing cycle, location number and rate.

3 Provides a quick view of your total amount due and the bill due dates. Additional billing details available on the stub.

4 Easy to read Time-of-Day charts that show usage and cost.

5 Your electric usage history from the current bill period, last bill period and the same bill period from last year.

6 Line by line breakdown of your electric usage by peak time, rate and total amount. The hours that you use electricity determine its cost.

7 Messaging varies by bill and includes important customer updates.



This is a sample of a solar bill when you elect to pay for your electricity usage on a monthly basis.

As a solar customer, your electricity bill differs from our standard electricity bill. Solar customers are billed monthly and placed on a 12-month settlement cycle. You can elect to pay for your electricity usage once a year or on a monthly basis. Depending on which option you select, your bill will look different. This is a sample of a bill when you elect to pay for your electricity usage annually.

Image of a sample bill on monthly solar option