Rate Identification Number

Customers, depending on their current rate, will be assigned a unique 16-digit code known as a Rate Identification Number (RIN). This statewide standard was developed by the California Energy Commission (CEC) as a requirement to integrate with a database of each utility's time-dependent rates and rate grouping. In order to adhere to CEC regulations, SMUD has added RIN numbers to your bills.

The statewide rate tool to access this data will likely be available in 2026 or 2027. Any updates available to SMUD will be posted on this page. 


Once implemented, you'll be able to use your RIN within the statewide rate tool to:

  • Readily find the current price of electricity for your building.
  • Compare rates and switch to an available rate.
  • Connect devices to your time-varying electricity rate.

Once implemented, the CEC anticipates you'll be able to utilize your RIN to tailor your electricity use to save money, minimize greenhouse gas emissions from electricity production and improve the stability of the electric grid. Plus, this helps ensure your personal data remains safe and private. 

How to find your RIN

Your RIN is displayed on your SMUD bill, below the listed line items and charges.

Visit the CEC website to learn more about this mandate.