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Steve Mesh will cover the basics, including control strategies, protocols, sensor technology, daylight harvesting, wired vs. wireless controls and how to approach laying out equipment for code-compliance.

This presentation will provide an overview of various light-based disinfection technologies (UV and visible) with a comparative focus on efficacy, safety, total cost of ownership, environmental impacts and operational considerations.

This class will explore the benefits of using networked control systems vs. individual unit devices in terms of functionality of lighting and other needs.  Comparisons of wired, wireless and hybrid systems and the benefits of each will be covered.

Circadian lighting is helping children with autism sleep better and more easily transition between activities at home.

SMUD experts installed circadian lighting technology in a Gold Ridge Elementary School classroom for children with autism. Read about the impact of this new system, which teachers said helped them teach more effectively.

SMUD experts installed circadian lighting technology in the ACC Care center nursing home. As a result of the improved lighting system, slip and fall incidents were greatly reduced, residents slept better and some were even able to reduce their medications.

SMUD experts updated the lighting system in Eskaton Monroe Lodge, an independent living facility for senior citizens. In addition to potentially saving them an estimated 60% in energy costs, the residents and employees experienced a number of health benefits and improved quality of life.

SMUD experts put together a written guide to help you learn more about TLEDs and retrofit kits.