Peak ConserveSM  FAQs

Peak Conserve is a voluntary summer program that helps maintain an affordable and reliable electric system for everyone in our community.

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Why should I join Peak ConserveSM?

By joining Peak Conserve, you’re helping us improve our energy system by reducing strain on the grid when demand is highest. Not only will you get rewards for being a member, including a $50 enrollment bonus and up to $25 for each year you participate, but you may also see lower bills in the summer.

How do I receive my annual bonus?

To receive the annual participation bonus, participants must remain enrolled in the program from the date of enrollment through September 30. The bonus amount will be based on your participation in conservation events each summer.

How do I enroll?

Please go to the Peak Conserve customer portal to confirm eligibility and to schedule the device installation. (You’ll be asked to enter your account number and address.) After the device is installed, you’ll receive your enrollment incentive and be eligible for the $25 annual participation bonus.

Please note: If you're enrolled in SMUD's My Energy Optimizer® (smart thermostat) program or if you're on SMUD's Medical Equipment Discount (MED) Rate, you're not eligible to participate in Peak Conserve.

What can affect my eligibility?

A few factors can affect your eligibility for the program, such as:

You’re enrolled in SMUD's My Energy Optimizer® (smart thermostat) program.
You’re on SMUD's Medical Equipment Discount (MED) Rate.
Your HVAC equipment is more than 15 years old. (You may still be eligible, subject to installer approval.)
Your HVAC equipment is less than 5 years old. (Newer systems may not be compatible with the program’s load control switch technology.)

If you have questions about your eligibility, please email us at

How do I participate in Peak Conserve?

After you enroll in the program on the Peak Conserve customer portal and your device is installed, we'll notify you if we schedule a conservation event. You don't have to do anything to participate—the device will automatically cycle off your air conditioner during events, which will only occur as needed in the summer.

What is the Peak Conserve cycling device and how does it work with my air conditioner?

When the device is installed on your home’s central air conditioner, it will turn off (cycle) the unit during conservation events only to help reduce the overall amount of electricity being used during extreme weather conditions. For each hour of an event, your air conditioner will be cycled off for 20 minutes, come back on for 10 minutes, and then repeat the process. In total, your air conditioner will be cycled off 40 minutes each hour of the event to help stabilize the electric system. Each event will likely last less than 2 hours and will not occur more than once a day. Your fan will continue to run and no other appliances will be affected.

Who installs the device? Is there any cost to me?

A SMUD contractor will install the device at no cost to you. You’ll have a choice of appointment times to schedule your installation when you visit the Peak Conserve customer portalPlease note than any air conditioning equipment more than 15 years old may need to be evaluated by our technicians to determine if it’s eligible for the program, and we may also need you to be home during the installation to turn on the system.

What if there’s a problem with the cycling device?

Please email if there is any issue with the cycling device.

What is a conservation event?

When it gets so hot that the demand for energy spikes, we'll schedule a conservation event. During these events, we'll activate the Peak Conserve device to cycle off your air conditioner up to 40 minutes an hour, to help flatten the demand and keep energy prices down. Your fan will continue to run and no other appliances will be affected.

Conservation events will only be scheduled between June 1 to September 30. Typically, they’ll be 2 hours long or less, not more than 4 hours and occur in the afternoon or evening. We anticipate a maximum of 15 conservation events each summer, depending on weather and grid conditions.

  • Occur between June 1 and September 30
  • Based on times of high energy demand
  • Limited to one event per day
  • Will typically last 2 hours or less, and no more than 4 hours
  • Will occur on weekdays and/or weekends between noon and midnight
  • Events lasting more than 2 hours are limited to no more than 3 per week

How will I know when a conservation event is called?

We'll email you before a conservation event and we’ll never cycle your air conditioner on non-event days.

Can I opt out of a conservation event?

Yes, you can opt out of an event by calling1-888-742-7683or emailingPeakConserve@smud.orgat least 15 minutes before the event begins.

How do I unenroll from Peak Conserve?

Please email your request to

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