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Circadian lighting

Discover the powerful effect that lighting can have on our everyday lives.

In this interactive course discover how the right home lighting can help you feel better, be more productive, and help achieve a balanced sleep schedule for your entire household. 


Circadian lighting is helping children with autism sleep better and transition easier between activities at home.

SMUD experts installed circadian lighting technology in a classroom for children with autism at Gold Ridge Elementary School. Read this exciting report on the impact of this new system which teachers said helped them teach more effectively.

SMUD experts installed circadian lighting technology in the ACC Care center nursing home. As a result of the improved lighting system slip and fall incidents were greatly reduced, residents slept better, and some were even able to reduce their medications.

SMUD experts updated the lighting system in Eskaton Monroe Lodge, an independent living facility for senior citizens. In addition to potentially saving them an estimated 60% in energy costs, the residents and employees experienced a number of health benefits and improved quality of life. Download the report to learn more.

This booklet will help guide you on a circadian journey to help enhance your every-day interactions with lighting.



Learn how cow waste can be turned into a sustainable source of electricity in this virtual tour.
Learn tips and tricks for lighting your trees in this interactive course. 

Your bill


Learn how to troubleshoot your air conditioner in this interactive online course. 

Is buying a residential battery storage system cost-effective? Will it provide back-up power and energy independence? This workshop, taught by SMUD’s battery storage expert, will cover energy consumption, upfront costs, bill savings and payback.

Considering a heat pump for your home?  This course will discuss types of heat pumps, layouts and purchasing tips.

Learn what heat pumps are, how the technology works and benefits when using heat pumps.

2021 Update: Hear from a SMUD expert about recent advancements in electric vehicle technology and find out if an electric vehicle will work with your lifestyle. 

Join us while a SMUD Energy Advisor goes over the most popular questions that customers ask when considering a new heating and cooling system.


For kids


Looking for ways to keep kids engaged while learning at home?

Keep your home learners engaged with age-appropriate, standards-based lessons from SMUD and the National Energy Education Development Project (NEED).

Each lesson will include a short reading, worksheet and additional learning resources. View lessons for:

Kindergarten - Grade 2

Grades 3-5

Grades 6-8

High school


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