Step into the future of all-electric living

Whether you're buying a brand new house or upgrading the one you live in, converting to all-electric appliances will help save you money on your overall energy costs.

Learn how you can help create a clean, carbon-free future

Going all-electric at home, at work and on the road is better for your budget, your safety and our environment.

All-electric living improves public health, reduces air pollution and assists our local cities and towns in reaching their climate goals.

Find out how new sustainable technologies can help lower your carbon footprint.

The myths of "natural" gas

Myth: More efficient 

Fact: Electric heat pump water heaters, heat pump HVAC systems and induction cooktops use less energy and are 2-3 times more efficient than gas.

Myth: More affordable

Fact: Homes with newer heat pump water heaters and HVAC systems have lower utility bills overall than homes with gas appliances. 

Myth: Better for cooking

Fact: Electric induction cooktops heat up twice as fast as gas, provide more accurate temperature control and are easier to clean.

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