​Power sources

Where does SMUD get your power?

We get power from varied sources, including hydropower, natural-gas-fired generators, renewable energy such as solar, wind, hydro and biomass, and power we purchase on the wholesale market. Our goal is a balanced and sustainable mix of sources. Our biggest single source is the Cosumnes Power Plant, and we are always adding to our green energy sources.

SMUD’s power sources: 

Cosumnes Power Plant
To offer the best price and reliability we completed the 500-megawatt Cosumnes Power Plant in 2006 The gas-fired plant, in southern Sacramento County, generates enough electricity to power 450,000 single-family homes.

Green power
We continue to boost the amount of power we get from renewable resources, keeping our power mix among the cleanest in the country. As a SMUD customer, you can opt to get 100 percent of your power from green sources.

SMUD's Power Content Label
The Power Content Label compares SMUD's generated and purchased power to the State of California power mix.

SMUD's Upper American River Project (UARP), with 11 reservoirs and eight powerhouses, is the cleanest and most economical power source we have. In a normal water year, the UARP provides roughly 1.8 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, providing approximately 20 percent of SMUD’s power needs. Operating and maintaining our hydro facilities requires a license from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). A new 50-year license was issued in July 2014.