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Whether you're adding an electric-vehicle charger or building your dream house or a sports arena, our Design & Construction Services team is here to help you connect to SMUD's electric system.

 Getting started

  • Get more information about the application and connection process for a new construction, upgrade or remodel project that will need more than a meter installation and connection of electric service.
  • If you need new service or an upgrade to existing service that won't require upgrades or additions to SMUD's existing infrastructure, review our meter and service only guidelines.  
  • Planning to build an accessory dwelling unit or secondary dwelling? Refer to our planning tips to help avoid redesign costs and project delays.

Please note: Each local agency has its own requirements for construction projects. We suggest that you discuss your project with the appropriate agency before submitting your project application to us. Contact your local agency for more information about their requirements.

Please choose your desired process and get a detailed description of each:

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Please remember to call before you dig: Call 811, or visit

Electric service requirements


Our Design & Construction Services team is here to help you every step of the way.

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