​Interim service for property managers

In between tenants? With SMUD’s Interim Service Agreement (ISA), there’s no need to disconnect service.

ISA allows property owners the option to keep accounts active between tenant move-ins and move-outs.


  • Eliminate frustration with move-ins and move-outs
  • Remain on active service between tenants
  • Create an ISA account number for all your units
  • Opt-in to Collective Billing to get one bill for all house/common meters*

* Customers must have 4 or more units and at least one house/common meter to qualify

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Customize your property billing

There are several ways you can customize your billing options and get more information about your accounts.

My Account

  • View easy to read online account summaries
  • For convenient bill pay, enroll in Paperless Billing
  • Utilize energy management tools

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ISA dashboard

  • View move-in dates and active tenant accounts
  • Access your ISA dashboard through My Account

For more information about the Interim Service Program, please call 1-877-622-7683 or contact your Strategic Account Advisor.

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