Meter change out project

As part of our routine system maintenance, we may replace some smart meters.

What to expect

  • You'll get an email and automated phone call from us about a week before we plan to replace the meter.
  • We’ll leave a door hanger to let you know we successfully replaced the SMUD meter. If we were unable to replace the meter, the door hanger will have more information and instructions. 
  • You don't need to be present when we install the SMUD meter, but we will need unobstructed access to the meter.
  • There will be a brief interruption in electric service while we replace the meter, usually lasting just a few minutes but could last up to 10 minutes. You may need to reset your alarm clocks or other digital timers once the new meter is installed. 

Frequently asked questions 

Will SMUD go into my yard? 

If the SMUD meter is in your backyard, yes. Please make sure the gate is not locked. Also, if you have any pets in the yard, please make sure they are secured.

Is this going to affect my bill? 

No, this will not have any impact on your bill. 

Where can I learn more about how the SMUD meter works?