​​Right of Way Requests

Use the following steps to ensure your application request advances smoothly.

Steps to Consent

  1. Submit your completed application along with plans and any other relevant information to the Real Estate Services office at Realestate@smud.org.
  2. We will review the application for completeness and determine whether a consent can be granted.
  3. We will route the application to the appropriate SMUD units for review, comment and approval or denial.
  4. Once the project is approved by the SMUD asset owner, Real Estate Services will prepare and send the Consent to Common Use Agreement to you for signature.
  5. Once the agreement is signed by the applicant and returned to SMUD it is reviewed and signed by the Supervisor of Real Estate and recorded.
  6. Once executed by SMUD, a copy of the agreement and Work Permit will be sent to you or available for pick-up at our office.

Here's what you'll need to have your development/use approved by SMUD

  1. Please review Steps in applying for a Consent Process (above).
  2. Read the Quick Guide for Requirements and Guidelines for Uses within Electric & Gas Transmission Easement Areas.
  3. Download the full Guideline for Transmission Encroachment.
  4. Download the Requirements for Excavation in Proximity to SMUD's Underground Transmission Cables.
  5. After you have reviewed the process, requirements and guidelines, you can submit a Consent to Common Use of Transmission Line Right-of-Way Application Form.