Significant progress toward a clean energy future

Since the launch of our 2030 Zero Carbon Plan, we’ve been getting the word out about our Clean PowerCity® movement – showing customers how they can be part of a clean, sustainable future. Whether it’s working with community partners to build all-electric homes, using cooking demonstrations to highlight the benefits of induction cooking or providing STEM activities for our youngest Clean PowerCity champions, we see our customers as critical partners in our 2030 Clean Energy Vision.  

""With equity in mind, we’re also making a greater impact in our under-resourced communities through our Community Impact Plan. Through initiatives like the work we’re doing to help electrify the Gardenland neighborhood block-by-block, we’ll be able to bring even more all-electric solutions to low-income customers in older, less energy-efficient homes, in neighborhoods that are disproportionately impacted by climate change.  

Another key aspect of our plan is workforce development. We want everyone in our region to participate in the new clean energy economy and the opportunities that provides. That desire led to launching our Powering Careers program in 2022: a six-week skilled trades program in partnership with our community to help increase the potential workforce available to SMUD and Employer Partners by enhancing employability of those in need of skills and training, particularly those who are members of underserved communities.

When it comes to customer engagement, we’re embracing innovation to optimize their investments in clean energy technologies; this will increase value to customers and the grid. As a community-owned utility, we’re able to evaluate innovative technologies in real-world settings and determine how they can benefit our customers and our grid. Being community-owned means that we approach things through a very local lens to make sure our technology, programs and other work support what our customers and communities need. 

Innovation through energy storage is a critical technology to help us close the gap to reach a carbon-free electricity supply and support grid reliability. We're helping our customers invest in battery storage and engage with us to tap into that energy when it’s most valuable to the grid and to other customers. The key is helping make sure each side recognizes they need each other and that everyone can benefit from the new clean energy paradigm. Meanwhile, we’ve added generous battery storage incentives and already, our customers’ residential battery connections to SMUD’s grid have doubled year over year.