The road to a clean energy future takes a leap forward

Distributed energy resources lead to innovation


After years of planning, SMUD launched the ADMS/DERMS technology platform. ADMS stands for Advanced Distribution Management System, and DERMS stands for Distributed Energy Resource Management System. This innovative effort will advance our grid toward zero carbon and will support our customers’ involvement in a clean energy future.

With these 2 systems online and working together, we’ll shift from a 1-way centralized distribution system to a 2-way decentralized distribution system for management of distributed energy resources such as rooftop solar, wind, electric vehicles, energy storage units, demand response programs, smart thermostats, connected appliances and more.

Distributed energy resources allow customers to have a greater role in our grid’s operation, including reducing our carbon footprint by agreeing to curtail or shift their usage at a moment’s notice through signals SMUD sends to their smart meters and other devices. ADMS and DERMS will help maximize the value of distributed energy resources for the grid by optimizing the customer-sited resources that are connected to the grid, bringing more cost and reliability benefits to SMUD and our customers.

ADMS and DERMS, smart metering infrastructure, data analytics, grid-edge intelligence, distribution automation and transformational communication technologies will help provide the resiliency and reliability to get us closer to a clean energy future.