Go Electric bonus 

Rebates up to $2,500

After you complete the Heating & Cooling package or install a heat pump water heater, you’ll be ready to wire your house for an EV charger and circuits for all-electric appliances.

  • Upgrade electrical panel
  • Add EV charger circuit
  • Add water heater circuit
  • Add range/cooktop circuit
  • Add clothes dryer circuit

Go Electric rebate requirements

  • Up to $500 paid for each eligible circuit, up to a total of $2,500.
  • All circuits must be wired to the source (wire and breaker).
  • Eligible circuits include: dryer, cooktop/range, electric vehicle and water heater.
  • If an electrical panel upgrade is included with future appliance circuits, the customer is eligible for a total rebate of $2,500. The home must be all-electric ready with the panel plus all eligible circuits to qualify.

These specifications are a condensed version of guidelines outlined in the SMUD Contractor Handbook: Home Rebates Programs Requirements. Contractors are responsible for knowing the current program rules and advising customers appropriately. Rebates subject to availability of funding.

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