Get up to $1,000 toward EV charging equipment and installation costs.


Charge at homeThe new SMUD Charge@HomeSM incentive program will help you lower the cost of installing a qualified Level 2 charger at your home and/or home electrical costs needed to install a Level 2 charger.


If you’ve purchased a new or used electric vehicle on or after July 1, 2021, you are eligible for up to $500 towards the purchase of a Level 2 charger and/or up to $500 towards electrical work (building permit required) needed to accommodate your new charger.

Learn more and apply     Find an electrician

Plug in and earn rewards

SMUD’s new Managed EV Charging pilot program rewards electric vehicle (EV) drivers for charging their vehicles at times when it’s most beneficial to the electricity grid and allows us to use more renewable energy. All you have to do is plug in your vehicle and let your automaker know when you need your vehicle to be charged. SMUD and your automaker will work together to automatically schedule your charging to make sure your vehicle is ready when you need it.

SMUD customers that drive a battery electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle from one of the following automakers may apply to participate: 

  • Eligible BMW vehicles: Apply here
    • 330E (3 Series) Phev
    • 330E (3 Series) Xdrive Phev
    • 530E (5 Series) Phev
    • 545E (5 Series) Phev
    • 745E (7 Series) Phev
    • i3 Bev (model year 2016 and older may not qualify – verify by VIN)
    • i3 Rex Phev (model year 2016 and older may not qualify – verify by VIN)
    • Mini Cooper Se Bev
    • Mini Countryman Phev
    • X3 Xdrive30E Phev
    • X5 Xdrive 40E Phev
    • i8 Phev (model year 2016 and older may not qualify – verify by VIN)
    • i4
    • iX


  • Eligible GM vehicles with an active OnStar® or Chevrolet Connected Services plan that are not subject to an open recall: Apply here
    • Chevrolet Volt (2016-2019) 
    • Chevrolet Bolt (2017-2021)


  • Eligible Ford vehicles: Apply here
    • Ford Mustang Mach-E
    • Ford F-150 Lightning
    • Ford E-Transit

Note: This list is subject to change at any time at the discretion of the OEMs.  

Once your vehicle has been successfully connected to the communication platform and SMUD has verified eligibility, you will be eligible to receive participation rewards. Participants will receive a one-time, initial incentive, and will also receive a quarterly reward payment.

Charging Level Description One-time Initial Incentive Ongoing Quarterly Reward
Level 1 Uses a standard 120-volt household outlet. $150 $20
Level 2 Uses a 208/240-volt  electrical plug and charging cord or installed EV charger unit
$150 $20

Q: Why does it matter when I charge my vehicle?  

A: Charging your EV during times of the day when energy demand is high puts additional strain on the electricity grid. If you can shift the charging of your vehicle to times when demand is low, it puts less strain on the grid.


Q: Can I participate if I don’t have the ability to charge at home?  

A: Yes, you can participate if you are unable to charge at home but are able to consistently charge at work or other locations.  


Q: How will my charging be scheduled?  

A: Your automaker will create an optimized charging schedule based on your preferences and information from SMUD about the best times to charge. This schedule will be sent to your car automatically, so all you need to do is plug in to charge and your car takes care of it from there.


Q: What if I need the car to charge before its scheduled start time(s)?  

A: The pilot program rules allow you to change your charging schedule whenever you need to, without affecting your program rewards or program status. To learn how to make changes to your charging schedule, visit your automaker’s enrollment website. 


Q: What if I no longer want to participate in the pilot?  

A: You are free to leave the program without penalty whenever you need. Please contact your automaker to unenroll: BMW, General Motors or Ford.


Q: What data are you collecting from my vehicle?  

A: The pilot program gathers charging data by accessing data available from your vehicle. Once you provide permission to gather this charging data through the enrollment process, your automaker will provide charging information about your vehicle to SMUD. SMUD uses this information to evaluate the benefits of smart charging.  


Click for SMUD Managed Charging Pilot Terms & Conditions


For questions or more information, email

A one-stop shop for all things EV



PlugStar is an online tool that helps make electric vehicle shopping easy. Find the EV that best meets your needs and gets you connected with a qualified EV dealer near you.

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Have a question or want to talk to someone about EV or EV charging options? Access SMUD's EV Support Program by emailing or call 1-877-EV-HELP-1 (1-877-384-3571). Learn more about the EV Support Program.

EV Support Program

Frequently asked questions

There are many things to consider before buying or leasing an electric vehicle (EV). To make EV ownership as simple as possible, here’s a quick list of things to consider before you buy an EV:  

  1. How far and how often do you drive?

    Most people drive less than 40 miles a day. If that’s you, then almost any EV will meet your needs and require just ordinary house current for charging. But if your travels often take you beyond 80 miles a day, you may want a longer-range vehicle and possibly an upgraded charging system.

  2. Check out the vehicles

    The list is growing all the time. See what’s available. 

  3. Check out incentives

    See what incentives are available to you when you purchase an electric vehicle. Visit Clean Vehicle Rebate Project and Federal Tax Credits for EVs 

    The Clean Cars 4 All program helps income eligible customers get into cleaner technology vehicles by retiring their older, higher-polluting vehicle and upgrading to a cleaner vehicle. Incentives of up to $9,500 are available towards the purchase of a new or used plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV), battery electric (BEV), or fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV); or choose up to $7,500 in value to use for alternative transportation options. Customers who take advantage of this opportunity may qualify for up to $2,000 toward charging equipment or access to charging services throughout SMUD service territory. Find out about additional Federal Tax Credits and grants available for low income customers.

  4. Look at charging options

    Ordinary house current works just fine for most electric vehicles. But for those with larger battery packs and longer range, you may want to consider an electrical upgrade. Explore charging options.

  5. Look at rates

    SMUD offers a Time-of-Day discount rate for electric vehicle charging. Learn more.

  6. Find an EV dealer
    Now that you've decided an EV is right for you, find your nearest qualified dealer.


This online tool helps make electric vehicle shopping easy.  PlugStar helps you find the EV that best meets your needs and gets you connected with a qualified EV dealer near you.

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Electric Vehicle Estimator

This online tool helps you make an informed decision about buying an EV. Use the estimator to compare costs to buy and drive an EV versus a gas engine vehicle and decide if an EV fits your lifestyle.

Try the EV estimator

(You’ll be directed to log in to My Account and then will be sent to the estimator tool. It uses your actual electricity usage to present realistic side-by-side cost comparisons between electric vehicles and gas vehicles that you select.)

Please note that after March 15, 2021, WattPlan will no longer support Internet Explorer 11, effectively ending support for all versions of the Internet Explorer browser.

Don't have an account yet?  Registration is free.

You can also try the estimator by entering your data yourself, here.

Charging stations are described as level 1, level 2, or DC Fast Charger (Direct Current Fast Charging).

Level 1

This uses ordinary household current. All electric vehicles can be charged on a standard 3-prong outlet and the charging unit that comes with your vehicle. It is the slowest charging mode for an electric vehicle.

  • Uses a standard 120V outlet
  • Takes 8 to 20 hours to fully charge a vehicle, depending on how depleted the battery is and whether it's a hybrid or fully electric vehicle
  • Typically adds 5 miles of range per hour charged
  • No set-up costs
  • Level 1 safety tips:
    • When charging a plug-in electric vehicle with a Level 1 EVSE, a heavy duty, 20-amp, hospital-grade 120 volt receptacle is recommended.
    • Periodic inspection of your EVSE power plug is recommended.
    • Excessive plugging and unplugging of EVSE at the wall receptacle can cause wear, potentially leading to arcing.
    • Refer to your EVSE manufacturer’s installation and user guide manuals for specific safety guidelines.

Level 2

Consider upgrading to a level 2 charging station if your vehicle has an electric drive range of 100 miles or more, or you simply want a faster charger. Consult your dealer for advice.

  • Uses a 240V circuit
  • Takes 4 to 8 hours to fully charge a vehicle, depending on how depleted the battery is and whether it's a hybrid or fully electric vehicle
  • Typically adds between 12-20 miles of range per hour charged
  • May require a panel upgrade by a qualified electrician. Find information about installers for your electric vehicle charger at SMUD Energy Store.
  • Requires EVSE (Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment) and permits
  • Available at some work and public sites

DC Fast Charger

This type of charger is not practical for residential installations due to cost and electrical equipment limitations.

  • Use a 480V circuit
  • Takes 20 minutes to reach 80% charge
  • Requires a special plug receptacle on your vehicle
  • Available at some public sites

Public Charging Stations

SMUD Charging Stations

You can charge most fast-charge EVs in less than 30 minutes at one of SMUD's charging stations.

  • SMUD solar parking lot      

    6151 S Street, just west of the SMUD Headquarters building.
    Get directions

  • Sacramento International Airport
    Free waiting area
    5750 Crossfield Dr.
    Get directions
  • Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op
    2820 R Street, Sacramento
    Get directions

With SMUD's Time-Of-Day (TOD) rate, plug-in electric vehicle owners can receive, an additional 1.5¢ per kWh discount for charging your EV between midnight and 6 a.m. every day, all year long.

For a SMUD account to receive the EV discount, a plug-in electric vehicle must be registered with the DMV using the same service address as the SMUD account.

Learn more about the Time-Of-Day rate.

To enroll in the discount, go to MyAccount.

Learn more about EVs and if it is the right choice for you at one of our workshops or events.

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We have an ambitious goal to eliminate carbon emissions from our power supply by 2030. Reduced emissions improve our local air quality and overall health and help address the looming threat of climate change. Learn more about our 2030 Clean Energy Vision.


Hear what SMUD customers have to say about owning an EV

In the last year and a half, I’ve driven 95% on electricity and calculated that I’ve saved myself more than $1,000 in fuel based on the real-world mileage of my previous [gas-powered car].

I've been an EV owner for five years now. It literally has been life changing for me. I work as an environmental professional and see first-hand the effects from an international, national, regional and local level what oil-based transportation does to the environment, our national security and our well-being. 

We don’t have to stop off at the gas station to fill up.  We don’t have to change oil or coolant and regenerative braking saves on our brake pads.  Best of all, we can forget about smog checks because we’re already at zero emissions.

Franklin's EV experience

Franklin and his family loved their first EV so much they purchased a second one. They're now hooked and can't imagine a life without an EV. Hear more from Franklin in the video below.

two people cooking on induction cooktop

Go Electric

Converting to all-electric living will help save you money on your overall energy costs. We offer rebate programs that can help you transition to a cleaner, safer and more environmentally-friendly lifestyle while lowering your utility bills. The average residential customer that switches from gas to all-electric can save an average of over $500 per year on their energy bills, based on 2020 PG&E gas and SMUD electricity rates.