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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the minimum that can be paid to prevent disconnection?

    If you have received a telephone reminder regarding your unpaid SMUD bill, the full past-due charges need to be paid to avoid interruption of your service.

  • Why is my bill so high?

    Here's the brief answer. (Click "View all" below for a fuller answer.) 1: Make sure your last payment has been credited to your account. 2: Check your daily usage information on your bill. Make sure it's within 5 kWh of the last bill's total. 3: Check the number of days billed. SMUD billing periods range from 27 to 34 days. 4: Have you added appliances? Had overnight guests?

  • Can I make payment arrangements? Can I get an extension?

    For qualifying accounts, payment arrangements are available through our automated telephone system -- 888-742-7683.

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Education & safety

Get smart about electricity with our educational and safety resources.

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Smart grid creates energy choices

More ways to interact with your world.