Tips for doing business with SMUD

Getting ready

  • It is very important to register on the Ariba network and select as many categories as possible that apply to your business when completing your profile. 
  • If you are registering as a SEED vendor, we ask that you also create a profile on our Electronic Bid Solicitation System (EBSS) and select as many categories that apply to your business. For assistance, contact
    • Do not forget to submit your DGS Certification and make sure it is current and valid. Do not wait until the last minute to renew your DGS Certification. Verify your status at
  • Keep your Ariba and EBSS profiles up to date, with current contact information and company offerings.
  • For a list of open solicitations, visit the SMUD Solicitation Portal.
  • Do not take for granted that you will receive all the solicitations that are applicable to your business. Check the SMUD Solicitation Portal frequently.


  • It is necessary to submit exactly what is requested.
  • When responding to questions, be very concise in your answers. Try and answer the question exactly as it is stated. It is not recommended to use "see attachment" as your answer. Do not attach sales pamphlets as a response to the questions.
  • If your company has done business with SMUD before, it is best to answer the questions as if they are being answered for the first time. Do not assume the SMUD staff currently reviewing your bid or proposal is familiar with your past work.
  • Always provide references when requested. Do not respond with "will provide when moved to the next level" or "when chosen."
  • When possible, make sure you have complied with our Supplier Education and Economic Development (SEED) requirements.
  • Always verify that you have signed all forms requested in the bid documents. Failure to do so may cost you a contract.
  • graphic of fiancial growth When submitting your bid, verify your calculations are correct.
  • For material bids, final price should include Freight on Board (FOB).
  • For construction bids, be sure to include taxes in your bid.
  • Sign and submit all addendums. Be aware of additional addendums that may have posted.


  • Always attend pre-bid meetings and network with the prime contractors. Some meetings may be mandatory.
  • Request a list of potential bidders from the procurement professional running the solicitation. This list may also be posted in Ariba Discovery.  
  • Communication is key! Communicate often with any prime contractors you are working with. Ensure you have a clear understanding of the scope of work. 
  • Contact supply chain with any compliance concerns. 

Post award

  • Work closely with the procurement professional to complete full Ariba onboarding, ensuring timely and accurate payment. 
  • Ask supply chain for feedback on your proposal.