New SMUD construction required


How to apply

Pre-application requirements

Follow these 3 steps before submitting your project application to SMUD.

1. Contact local agency

Each local agency has its own requirements for construction projects.

2. Submit project plan to local agent

Once you've met local requirements, submit your project plan to the appropriate authority.

3. Obtain a "plan check" number

The local agency will issue you a "plan check" number after receiving your project plan.

You'll need this number to submit your application to SMUD.

Submit application to SMUD

You're now ready to turn in your application form, required documents
and fees to SMUD. Submissions can be done online, by mail or in person.


Pay electronically through the Project Application website. Access your project using your SMUD Service Notification number and follow the online instructions.


Design & Construction Services
P.O. Box 15830, MS EA-105
Sacramento, CA 95852-0830

In person

East Campus Operations Center
4401 Bradshaw Road
Sacramento, CA 95827


Meet your designer

SMUD will assign an engineering designer for your project, typically within 5 days after receiving your application.

Your engineering designer will:


Be your main point of contact for your project.


Address your project's electrical requirements and construction schedule.


Determine if civil improvements are needed before SMUD construction can begin.

Need civil improvements?

Civil improvements may include trenching and installing conduit,
boxes and pads for SMUD’s electrical cable and equipment.

If civil improvements are required:

Your SMUD engineering designer will provide a Commitment Package that explains the requirements and your responsibilities.

You'll need to schedule a pre-construction meeting with a SMUD inspector, who will provide direction to install the required civil improvements.

All civil improvements must be completed before SMUD can begin actual construction of your project.


Return required construction
documents to SMUD

This is a critical step in the process to keep
your project on schedule.

Avoid delays

To avoid project delays, please return all required documents as soon as possible.

Make sure all
documents are
complete before

Required documents

Your engineering designer will tell you what documents must be submitted
before SMUD can begin construction of your project. These may include:

agreement to
grant easement


Copies of
your property
grant deed



Time to go to work!

Once all required documents are submitted and approved, your engineering designer will complete the final job design and determine the cost of the work.

Contract and
payment letter

You'll receive a project quote
and contract letter from SMUD.
It'll include instructions for
approving the contract and
making a payment.

What happens next?


SMUD will schedule construction of your project after we receive your approval contract, any required fees and all other holds have been removed. You'll get an email notice that the job is progressing to construction.


SMUD's construction work is performed. This includes all electric facilities and equipment except the meter, which will be installed after the panel is inspected by your local agency.


Your local agency must inspect and approve your electrical panel before we complete our work. Local agencies typically notify us 1 business day after they approve the work.

Power on!

SMUD will install the new meter, connect or install the service wire and energize your service, typically within 7 business days of the electrical panel inspection approval.

Need more information?

For additional questions, please call us at 1-916-732-5700.

SMUD’s Project
Application website

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Get additional information about the connection process and electric service requirements.

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