Business Rebates

To help your business and our community, we offer a wide variety of incentives and financing options to encourage investment in energy efficiency.

Rebate programs

We offer several rebate programs to fit the size and needs of your energy upgrade.  Learn more below.

Rebates for customers ready to install common energy upgrades.


  • DIY program designed for the most common energy efficiency upgrades 
  • Customers currently on a commercial billing rate are eligible
  • You can install measures yourself or hire your own contractor
  • Property Managers of multi-family complexes or multi-family housing units operated as a business qualify for program

Learn more about Express Energy Solutions.

Types of rebates offered

  • Refrigeration, high-efficiency fan motors, auto door closers, strip curtains
  • Food service equipment, freezers, ice makers, ovens
  • Lighting, TLED & Hi Bay, exit signs, exterior lighting, lighting controls
  • HVAC, package units, split system replacements
  • more...

Let our energy professionals help you with an energy savings plan.


  • Rebates available for small to mid-sized businesses
  • An authorized SMUD energy professional will perform a NO COST energy assessment of your business with a custom report of recommended efficiency upgrades 
  • Get connected to a trade ally contractor able to perform recommended upgrades at quoted price
  • This rebate program can cover up to 80% of project costs

Learn more about Complete Energy Solutions, or call 1-855-822-2936 to schedule your assessment.

Types of rebates offered

  • Refrigeration
  • Food Service Equipment
  • Lighting
  • HVAC Equipment

(Complete Energy Solutions provides rebates for all the same items that are offered in Express Energy Solutions.)

Energy efficiency rebates for large, complex projects.


  • Designed for complex, large or industrial projects
  • Your SMUD Strategic Account Advisor can help tailor your energy upgrade
  • Incentives are rebates paid based on the amount of energy you save, including those due to process improvements

Learn more about Custom Incentives.

Types of rebates offered

Rebates and incentives are offered on the items below (but not limited to):

  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Energy reduction incentives
  • Upgrades to industrial equipment, fans, refrigeration, molding machines, cooling devices, etc. 


Integrated and optimized energy solutions for new construction.


  • Statewide energy efficiency program partnering with other CA utilities
  • Lower long-term operating costs
  • Focused on conservation of natural resources
  • Two approaches: Whole building or systems

Learn more about Savings by Design here or call 1-877-622-7683.

Incentives available for:

  • Design assistance
  • Energy design resources 
  • Owner incentives
  • Design team incentives


Loans up to $10,000 available for business customers investing in
energy efficiency upgrades.

Who is Eligible?

  • You must be the owner of the property where products will be installed
  • Businesses including multifamily complexes of 5 or more individually metered units billed under our residential rates may qualify
  • Business tenants who are responsible for the electric account on their portion of the property
  • The installation property must have an active, connected account with SMUD
  • Equipment must be on our eligibility list and installed by a licensed electrical or HVAC contractor
  • Applicants must be pre-approved prior to commencement of work

How it Works

  • Secured financing at a fixed rate of 6.99%
  • Application fee of $100 per loan. If we decline the application, we’ll return this fee
  • Most loans are for a term not exceeding 10 years or:
    • The remaining term of any senior lien
    • For tenants, six months less than the remaining term on the property lease agreement
  • Products must be installed within 180 days of loan approval
  • Additional conditions apply