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Take advantage of incentives for your commercial vehicles including light-duty cars, trucks or semi-tractors. Plus, electric vehicle charging installations for customers, tenants or employees are eligible for incentives of $4,500 per handle for each level 2 EV charger.






Commercial charging

To participate in the program, SMUD’s Electrical Service Requirements must be followed (T017 and T004), and all EV chargers on site must be recorded separately through a SMUD EV data meter. Please refer to the Commercial EV program manual for all requirements and procedures.  

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Rebate funding information:  In support of greenhouse gas emission reduction, the State of California adopted a new policy in 2009 called the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS). The LCFS regulation was developed by the State of California Air Resources Board (CARB) and was re-adopted on January 1, 2016. SMUD is participating in this program and is required to spend LCFS revenue (not SMUD ratepayer funds) on qualifying categories including: education on the benefits of plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) transportation, communication of benefits of PEVs to current and future PEV customers and other promotion to help increase the adoption of PEVs in the SMUD service territory.


Duty classification Weight limit Incentive BEV examples
Passenger Car  Light duty N/A $750 Bolt, BMW13, Leaf
Class 1 Light duty  0-6,000 pounds  $750 Compact truck (BEV)
Class 2a Light duty  6,001-8,500 pounds $750 1/2 ton truck or van (BEV)
Class 2b Light/Medium truck 8,501-10,000 pounds  $750 3/4 ton truck or van (BEV)
Class 3 Medium truck  10,001-14,000 pounds $5,000 1 ton truck or van (BEV)
Class 4 Medium truck  14,001-16,000 pounds $5,000 Heavy 1 ton truck or van (BEV)
Class 5 Medium truck  16,001-19,500 pounds $5,000 2 ton truck or van (BEV)
Class 6 Medium truck  19,501-26,000 pounds $7,000 Beverage truck, single axle box (BEV)
Class  7 Heavy truck 26,001-33,000 pounds  $7,000 Duel axle box vans, short haul tractor (BEV) 
Class  8 Heavy truck  33,001-pounds+ $15,000 Large semi tractors, dump trucks (BEV) 

Charging Type  Rebate   Criteria
Level 1 EVSE $500/handle Pilot program opportunity (case-by-case)
Level 2 EVSE $4,500/handle All EVSE must be J1772, CCS or CHAdeMO handled or charging port equipped.
Public DCFC >50kW $30,000/DCFC unit DCFC must be available for public use
School bus DCFC <25kW $7,500/DCFC unit Only available to schools. SMUD may consider other non-public large fleets on a case-by-case basis.
School bus DCFC >50kW $15,000/
DCFC unit
Only available to schools. SMUD may consider other non-public large fleets on a case-by-case basis.
Stub outs $250/stub out Pilot program opportunity (case-by-case).
Transformer Upgrade Support $5,000/project Only for projects that require transformer upgrade due to new EVSE load. Must be participating in SMUD Commercial EVSE program/installation.
Panel Upgrade Support  $1,000/project Only for projects that require panel upgrades due to new EVSE load. Must be participating in SMUD Commercial EVSE program/installation.

Electric forkliftElectric forklifts have lower operating costs, no emissions, less maintenance and are quieter to operate.

Class I/II/III forklifts are eligible for a $500 commercial customer incentive.

To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a SMUD commercial customer.
  • Purchase or lease a new Class I, II or III forklift.
  • The new forklift must remain operational at the site for at least 3 years.

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SMUD eFuel® is a full-service program to assess, design, construct and maintain electric vehicle chargers for commercial customers interested in business/fleet electric vehicles and charging, workplace employee charging or multi-family tenant charging.

The SMUD eFuel program is divided into two components to meet your needs:

SMUD eFuel Advisor: SMUD’s EV experts will help you build an EV electrification plan. Approved applicants receive a no-cost, customized analysis including:

  • Vehicle recommendations
  • Site analysis
  • Charger recommendations
  • EV and EV infrastructure cost estimates
  • Grant and incentive information

SMUD eFuel Solutions: Our turnkey installation service that removes key barriers of vehicle electrification. Your business can receive the no or low up-front cost installation in exchange for a monthly fee on a SMUD bill. Benefits include:

  • Project management
  • Design, engineering and permitting
  • Infrastructure and charger installation
  • Charger maintenance and repair
  • All project fees paid on monthly SMUD bill

Programs have limited capacity, participation at SMUD discretion after submission of completed application.

Find a contractor

Are you a customer looking for a participating contractor to install electric vehicle charging solutions at your business, and to help you with eligible SMUD rebates? Visit the SMUD Contractor Network to connect with qualified contractors – It’s free and open to the public. Search for contractors by several criteria and search results will include a one-click email tool for direct communication with the contractor.

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Are you a contractor interested in joining the SMUD Contractor Network? We connect businesses to qualified contractors who are properly licensed, meet participation requirements, agree to install new equipment that meet minimum specifications, and who can apply for a SMUD rebate on their behalf. Participating contractors agree to design and install equipment in a professional workmanship manner and ensure customer satisfaction. The SMUD Contractor Network is offered at no cost to eligible contractors.

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Benefits of going all-electric


The energy we deliver is now cleaner than ever – with about 50%, on average coming from carbon-free sources. Our incentive programs can help your business transition to be cleaner, safer and more environmentally-friendly. Learn more about Beneficial Electrification.

Learn more about our comprehensive all-electric and energy efficiency incentives.