​Medical equipment discount

If you have higher electricity costs because of your medical equipment, we may be able to help.

We understand that although some medical equipment is necessary for your health, it can be expensive to run. To help eligible customers, we designed our Medical Equipment Discount Rate (MED Rate) program, which gives you a $15 per month discount on your monthly bill.

Our MED Rate covers:

  • In-home dialysis cycler
  • Electric wheelchair
  • Oxygen concentrator
  • Ventilator (not a CPAP or BIPAP machine)
  • Extraordinary heating or air-conditioning needs due to a medical condition

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Download a MED Rate application

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If the standard MED Rate does not meet your medical needs, you can email us or call 1-888-742-7683.

Additional programs

  • Energy Assistance Program Rate (EAPR) – This monthly discount for low-income households can be combined with the MED Rate program. This will help you get the most savings every month. 
  • Vulnerable Population Program – Even if you're ineligible for the MED Rate, you can still opt in to receive more communication before and potentially during a planned outage.
    • Customers enrolled in MED Rate are automatically included in the Vulnerable Population Program.

Common MED Rate questions


You can complete the application online in My Account

By Mail

  1. On the MED Rate application, enter the name and age of the full time resident living in the house hold that qualifies.
  2. Sign and date the application.
  3. Mail completed application to:
    Sacramento Municipal Utility District
    MED Rate, Mail Stop A203
    P.O. Box 15830
    Sacramento, CA 95852-0830

SMUD knows how important reliable electric service is to our customers, especially those using medical equipment. We make every effort to prevent outages, but please be prepared.

  • Keep phone numbers of emergency response agencies (e.g. 911, hospital, fire department, police) in a convenient location, in the event emergency assistance is needed.
  • Ensure batteries are fully charged each day if you use a battery-powered medical device and keep extra batteries handy.
  • Keep a flashlight and extra batteries handy.
  • Have a back-up telephone that does not rely on electricity and battery-powered radio on hand.
  • Have an alternative plan in place to ensure the continuity of any medical needs. This may include making special arrangements to spend time with a friend or relative during an outage.
  • Enroll in our Vulnerable Population Program to receive more communications and advance notice of a wildfire-related de-energization event.

Portable generators can be handy, but they do pose risks. Keep yourself and our workers safe by learning to use a generator correctly.

If not properly installed, generators can send electricity back through dead power lines and electrocute you or an electric utility worker.

When using a generator, you need to make certain that no electricity is flowing back into SMUD lines. The law says you are responsible for any injuries or damage to your property, your neighbor’s property or SMUD’s property from an improperly installed or improperly operated generator.

If you would like more information about generators or other power outage emergency preparedness tips, visit smud.org/safety or call SMUD at 1-888-742-7683.